Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente  and Lois Bourne


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and Barbara Vickers


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and Edith Woodford Grimes (Dafo)


Educational Resource:

See something that catches your eye?  Use the GBG "Year and a Day" calendar as a starting point to dig deeper and learn more.  Who knows what you may find?  The calendar is by no means "the" source for information, but instead is meant as a catalyst, a gateway to new information.  It can help you plan your rituals, or just to sense the unique energies for each day.


A Year and a Day:

The concept of a "Year and a Day" reminds us that as one year's journey ends, another begins.  The calendar culminates in a brief meditation excercise to help you mark the end of one year, and embark on the next...


Each Calendar Sale Supports Craft History:

For every calendar sold, a donation will be made to two historical organizations which preserve Craft history.  The Doreen Valiente Foundation and the Museum of Witchcraft are worthy causes to support.


Free Shipping:

All orders within the USA receive free shipping, despite skyrocketing postal costs.

Orders to other countries (anywhere in the world) receive free shipping for two or more calendars. International orders requesting Priority or Express Mail will have additional costs.


About the Calendar

The number of calendars printed each year is limited.


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente,  Monique Wilson and Patricia Crowther

Previous year's calendars are now available for purchase individually.  Each year's design and photos are unique.

Each Year - Something New...

The GBG "Year and a Day" calendar is a unique Pagan resource that includes:
  • Hundreds of Pagan feast days from pantheons around the world
  • Historic Craft photos, quotes and news clippings
  • Sabbats and Seasonal Information
  • Full and New Moons

Craft History and Elders:
Each year's calendar features photos of Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and others. Past years have included Patricia Crowther, Eleanor Bone, Lois Bourne, Fred Lamond, Monique Wilson, Dayonis, Jack Bracelin, Charles Clark, Barbara Vickers...       

                 For 2023...          


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente,  Eleanor Bone, and Monique Wilson

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Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente. Monica English


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente. Patricia Crowther, Monique Wilson, and Eleanor Bone.

GBG "Year and a Day" Pagan Calendar
In 2023, the calendar will include select images to honor Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, and others, including Arnold Crowther.  It includes news clippings, and memorable quotes.  Photos are suitable for framing or sharing with your own Craft family.  Calendars will be shipped out in November, or soon after your order.


Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente and assorted ritual tools. 


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and Donna Gardner, Gerald's wife

GBG "Year and a Day" Pagan Calendar

Gerald, Doreen. Monique, Patricia, Eleanor, and Charles Clark.


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente. and Fred Lamond.

The GBG "Year and a Day" Calendar


Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente. Dayonis and Jack Bracelin