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The GBG "Year and a Day" Calendar


Since 2011, the GBG "Year and a Day" calendar has shared dozens of historic photos,
news clippings and quotes from Gerald B. Gardner (GBG) and the early High Priestesses
who were instrumental in helping witchcraft to take root and grow:
Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, Eleanor Bone, Monique Wilson and others...

This unique calendar includes Pagan feast days and interesting information
for every day of the year from Pantheons around the world,
Full and New moons, Sabbats and seasonal information.

The GBG "Year and a Day" calendar is both educational and entertaining!

Please share this info with your friends and contacts.  Thank you. 

Pagan Feast Days and Interesting Info for Every Day of the Year

Old photos, quotes, news clippings, Craft history and more...